This isn't just a brain game.
This is scientific brain training.

Cognitive and neurological decline are increasing for one because we’re living longer than ever. The Foundation is for your brain what cardio is for your heart and lifting weights is for your muscles and bones, improving length of life and the quality of life in between. The benefits are wide-ranging: from improved mental clarity and better focus and concentration, to a more sensitive sense of smell, to improved single-leg balance and much, much more. Revitalize your brain in as little as 4 x 20-30 minute sessions per week. No equipment necessary.

Does it ever feel like you're not as sharp as you used to be, that your ability to concentrate and focus is getting more difficult or that things just seem to be a little bit harder or a little bit slower?

That your mental and physical performance seems to be slowly deteriorating year after year?

You might be someone who is worried about an old or recent concussion and that the symptoms you still experience from time-to-time are an indication that something isn't quite right...

Or you might be someone with a family history of neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer's or dementia and you want to make sure you're doing everything you can to prevent these problems for yourself...

Or you might be one of the (few) wise ones who is always on the lookout for ways to improve health and performance for both today and the future and you see the brain as an exciting new area to train.

If you've already looked into what you can do, you've probably come across brain games or been told that challenging yourself with puzzles is the ticket, however...

Your brain needs more than sudoku,
crosswords and your typical brain games

While it would be great if popular “brain games” were all you needed for optimal brain health, performance and longevity, research shows that these simple little games and memory challenges have a minimal impact on fundamental, measurable brain function and instead are task-specific, shown to solely improve  your performance in the games themselves.

Your brain needs more.

You need more. 

Whether you’re an athlete looking to optimize sport performance, a professional that needs to be quick on their toes at the office or the proactive type looking to do what you can now to prevent neurodegeneration in the future, The Foundation is the place to start.

The Foundation is an 8-week progressive, neuroscience-based course - based on methods validated through the latest scientific research, brain imaging and patient results - that will improve the function and health of your neurological system for optimal performance and longevity.

Restore balance

Traumatic injury, overuse and disuse can all lead to imbalanced brain development and function. The Foundation restores balance so all areas of your brain work in harmony.

Enhance function

Improve cognition, memory, balance, posture, visuomotor ability, coordinated movement and more through progressive training of important neural and vestibular pathways.

Combat neurodegen

Slow and even reverse the natural age-related decline in perfusion aka blood flow for both cellular and functional longevity.

These methods are being used right now by million dollar athletes in:

The 3 pillars to optimal neurological function and longevity

  • FLUX

Flux is defined as “to flow” or “continuous change and movement” and like every cell in your body, brain cells require blood flow and a varying stimulus for optimal function and health. Blood flow eliminates the waste products of metabolism and increases oxygen and nutrient supply facilitating cellular health and performance. Every exercise in The Foundation was chosen based on data gathered from actual patients via functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to provide the biggest bang for your buck in optimizing blood flow to the greatest total area of your brain.

Course overview

In Week 1 you’ll be introduced to the 4 fundamental drills that will revitalize your brain including background information on the benefits of the drill and an in-depth instructional video on how to properly perform the drill. Once you’re comfortable and confident with these fundamentals, you’re ready to dive in...

Each week of the 8-week course you will:

  • Be presented with a new routine for the week with every rep, set and variation outlined with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and videos so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when
  • Progress the drills in volume and/or complexity to force your brain to adapt and grow stronger and more efficient - Daniel is a pioneer in bringing the principles of strength and conditioning like periodization to neurological training and you will be on the cutting edge
  • LAUNCH SPECIAL ONLY: get ALL of your questions answered by course creator Daniel Gallucci via a weekly Q&A session where you submit your questions and Daniel answers them via video, giving you the confidence in knowing you’re doing the right things to optimize your brain (and the opportunity to ask anything brain-related that you might be curious about)

The course has been designed to easily fit into your busy life with drills you can do anywhere that require no equipment.

Because of the progressive nature of the routines, in Week 1 the routines will take 15-20 minutes to complete and by the end of the course the routines will take 25-30 minutes.

Just like a periodized training program for muscular strength or hypertrophy, this progressive design forces your neurological system to adapt with the end result being your brain becoming more efficient, more powerful and having greater endurance.

Here are some of the wide-ranging benefits you may experience after completing The Foundation...

1. Greater mental clarity

Building efficient neural pathways allows your brain to process information quicker and more fully

2. More energy

Your new, efficient neural pathways are like taking the parking brake off when you drive

3. Sensory enhancement

Decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio can heighten your senses of smell, taste and hearing

4. More powerful multitasking

As your brain blood flow improves, your ability to process more info goes up

5. Improved body awareness

You may discover that the brain-body integration drills improve your kinesthetic awareness

6. Better reaction time

Efficient neural pathways result in faster processing of info in and actions out

7. Improved focus

When your neural circuitry works efficiently it's easier to hone in on whatever it is you're focused on

8. Athletic eyes

Athletes in sports like tennis often notice being able to pickup the ball earlier and track it better

9. Decreased stress

If the brain isn't operating efficiently it causes stress on the system and stress on you

Instead of being put on a 3 month waitlist, having to travel to Toronto and paying Daniel $250 for an hour training session, in what would take at least 8 sessions and cost $2000+ you can signup for The Foundation today and tap into his experience and expertise for a small fraction of the cost plus the added convenience of never having to leave your home.

Today, during the launch of this ground-breaking course, the investment to join is a single payment of just $199 USD and that includes weekly (8) Q&A sessions where he'll personally answer all of your program and brain-related questions.

Launch Special Price:
Only $199 USD

The Foundation begins Sunday, February 2, 2020.
Registration ends in:


Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the benefits of this course?

Q: I have a concussion or concussion-related symptoms now. Should I signup?

Q: I’ve had concussions in the past, but don’t have any symptoms and feel fine. Can this course help?

Q: How long do the routines take? How many days a week?

We’ve got your back (and brain)

Signup during this inaugural launch of The Foundation in full confidence knowing that if at any point through the 8 week course you feel it's not right for you all, you have to do is send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we’ll refund your investment in full, no questions asked. 

This is a rare opportunity to work with one of the few - if not the only - practitioner of functional neurology who works directly with patients, incorporates advanced imaging technology like FMRI and conducts ground-breaking research to advance the field and it's 100% risk-free for you to get started.

Meet the man pro athletes (and their teams) consult when they need to fix and improve their brain

After years of playing professional soccer in Europe, Daniel embarked on his path first obtaining his Bachelor of Exercise Science, then training as an Osteopath, Medical Acupuncturist and now Functional Neurologist. He is a part of a number of innovative groups involved in developing new methods of treating traumatic brain injury, researching methods on minimizing head trauma in young athletes and bringing basic training in concussion management to the front lines of sport. He has a wife and two kids and hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What people are saying about Daniel and his methods

"I was referred to Daniel from a few other players. 

He has a great understanding of how the brain and body works together for optimum performance."

Nikita Zaitsev  //  Toronto Maple Leafs

"After suffering two sports related concussions within a year I was going through a terrible time with post-concussion syndrome.

I was referred to Daniel by another health professional - he was the first person I had met that actually understood my condition. He also provided me with the much needed hope and direction in what is a very lonely and undiscovered world of concussion recovery."

Rob Anderson

"I was referred to Daniel after tearing my ACL a number of years ago.

I was referred to Daniel after tearing my ACL a number of years ago. Since then he has helped to keep my body and brain in the best condition possible. His knowledge is superior and always appreciated."


"Daniel has been helping keep me on my game for over five seasons now.

He’s a guy I can always use when it comes to top level performance."

James Van Riemsdyk  //  Philadelphia Flyers